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Welcome to the I Love NY Cup! You are about to enter the most exciting competition you may ever experience. The I Love NY Cup takes place in a huge arena where all your friends and family can follow you from one event to the next. Your name and scores will be displayed on four huge TV’s at each end of the arena. Between rotations the powerful arena sound system will be playing your favorite tunes as you warm up for competition.

Each evening competition will begin with the hugely popular “Light up the Arena” Opening Ceremony. As a level 8, 9, 10, Pre-Elite, Elite or International competitor, you will be introduced into the Arena under a white Spotlight. The arena will be dark except for over 1000 glow necklaces and your Spotlight. What an exhilarating experience. Other competitors are encouraged to cheer on their upper level teammates and to feel the excitement. You too will be under the Spotlight in just a short time.

We know you will enjoy the Meet and hope you have fun on our web site.  Be sure to add your name to our e-mail list.


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